Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back in the Saddle

While I am convinced that we won't be able to top our trip to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup, Meg and I are planning on going to Brazil next summer for the 2014 World Cup.

I am the travel agent in our partnership and, when it comes to planning our trip, I've really been dragging. Basically, I haven't done a thing and I haven't had the motivation to do so.

Until yesterday. I started poking around to find us accommodations and it's official: I'm back.

And ridiculously excited.

The World Cup aspect of the trip will be largely the same (buy tickets, watch soccer, feel happy) but there are other dynamics that are so different than South Africa. Like, the relative size of Brazil in relation to the size of South Africa. Among other things.

Such as the inclusion of at least one of Meg's friends.

You know how you plan something awesome and then everyone you know is is like "oh hell yes, I want to come with you to Brazil! Count me in!" until they have to make a committment and put down money? Well, Meg has invited everyone and their brother to join us in Brazil. She is certain that one friend will be coming with us. (Last week I gave her sisterly advice and told her that she needs to get money from whomever is supposedly joining us before I book a single thing for them.)  

I think that it will be fine but, I don't know, it just sort of changes things. With Meg: she's my sibling. I couldn't know more of what to expect when it comes to traveling with her and living in close quarters with her and putting up with her shit. With someone else: that changes. Like I said: I am sure that it will be fine (she seems more than willing to let me take the planning reigns and go with the flow) but I am also sure that it will be a little different.  

But different can be good. It will be good. It's Brazil. It's the World Cup. There will be more awesome than I know what to do with.

Yesterday was just the start of what will be 13 months of planning. Apologies in advance for being regularly annoying about this trip. It's just so fun. I'm just so excited. I FEEL SO ALIVE.

I really hope our hotel doesn't burn down this time.


Kari said...

So excited for you!!! This will be great fun -- and the planning - it is your forte! If you want to do some short excursions -- check out intrepid -- I have travelled with them on longer trips (to Africa) and liked them. Some of the peops I was with in Burma have done their short breaks and spoke highly of them. They use local guides and you have lots of contact with locals, and do a lot of off the beaten path stuff.
Time to practice your portuguese! This will be a great trip!!

MK said...

If you have any questions I'd be happy to try to answer! Seven months traveling back & forth to Rio I learned a few things!!

Ill try to think of my favorite must see stuff and let you know!!

A said...

Thanks, MK! I am sure I will have things to bounce off of you. I remember your posts about Brazil quite fondly!

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