Thursday, May 09, 2013

A week of catching up

I would take a road trip with Lucy every weekend if I could but I can't and I suppose that isn't all bad: jumping back into real life on Monday morning was a struggle and here it is, Thursday, and I am still struggling.

A road trip followed by a busy week. This hurts, you guys.

On Monday, I couldn't get out of bed. Yet somehow managed a run and a trip to the grocery store before going to work. Minor miracle.

On Tuesday, I met my family for dinner. Emma graduated from college last weekend so we did the fancy dinner thing and that was lovely. Emma even brought a friend so that made her remarkably more tolerable than she would have been had she been surrounded by the family she loves to treat poorly and no outsider to be horrified by to her behavior.

I was also witness to the massacre of baby bunnies at the paws of Liz's dog. I am too traumatized to even write out the details of the whole bloodbath, which included the removal of the dead baby bunnies from the yard and a lot of internal angst. Now I can't even look at the dog. Who is a murderer.

Before work on Wednesday, I went to the funeral for a family friend. He's the oldest son in the family that my dad's family grew up with -- their kids are all the same ages at my aunts and uncles, my grandma and their grandma were best friends and high school classmates, we went to school with some of the grandkids. (How small town is that?!) Not technically family but about as close as you can get. So it was very sad. My dad and his siblings were all very, very upset. They just couldn't stop saying what a shame it was that our grandma was so alive, as she could have helped her friend get through the loss of her son just as she had helped Grandma when Uncle Rich died. And his daughter, who is Meg's age and whose mom died when she was just 4, is getting married this summer. She was so composed and handled it all so well and said "and now Mom will have a date to my wedding." It just broke my heart. Needless to say, my head wasn't in the game when I got to work.

Now it's Thursday and I was supposed to go to yoga with Grandma tonight but she cancelled on me. And I had been looking forward to that quiet hour of yoga! I guess I'll go for a run before attempting to finish up a ton of paperwork I need to complete for my summer soccer team and, if I'm lucky, remembering to fold the sheets that have been wrinkling in the drier since yesterday morning. Oh and also stress out about Mother's Day because THAT IS WHAT I DO.

Friday includes a pre-Mother's Day mother-daughter lunch date with my mom, Lucy and Lucy's mom. And a housewarming party at Meg's new digs. And more stressing about Mother's Day.

I have to work on Saturday. When I'm done, Meg and I are going to go on a grocery shopping extravaganza to get all of the necessary goodies for Mother's Day, which we're hosting at her house. There will also be the baking of a few pies and possibly the suggestion that she clean her house so that it is presentable for visitors.

Meg's definition of clean is different from my definition of clean.

Sunday brings with it two soccer games and the previously mentioned Mother's Day celebration and the secret drop of a little Mother's Day surprise for Lucy.

What it won't include is a nap, which is unfortunate.

Because I am already quite tired.


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