Monday, April 08, 2013

Thoughts over (one cup of) coffee

Happy Monday, you guys! I really don't like to go more than a couple of days without blogging but I just never got around to it this weekend. More lazy than busy, to be honest. And lacking in words and topics and interesting things to think about. Sometimes I am afraid that I have reached the bottom of the well and, after almost 9 (!!!!) years of blogging, I have written all that I could have written.

But then I remember that I can write about the random things I am thinking about on a Monday morning while I am enjoying my one and only cup of coffee.

Yes, my one and only cup of coffee. I had been good about drinking only one cup, but then I got mildly bad again and was ignoring the fact that two cups of coffee is the gateway to 11 cups of coffee. I'm only partially kidding. I probably shouldn't drink coffee at all. Any more than a cup a day makes me feel awful outside of the blissful moments when I am sipping the coffee and it is so warm and so rich and so right.

I am thinking about my mighty Wolverines playing in the national title game tonight. Now, I will be the first to confess that I am not a basketball fan. I didn't grow up in a basketball family. And, when I was at UM, the basketball program was a complete wreck (due to some NCAA violations during the '90s). I went to a grand total of one basketball game as a student. But that isn't to say that I'm not incredibly proud that my alma mater is playing on such a grand stage. And that isn't to say that I'm not going to try to sneak some maize and blue into my outfit today. Go Blue!


 I am thinking about writing something substantial later today.

I am thinking about these lemon rosemary scones and I am hoping that, once I run to the grocery store and make something for lunch and finish my laundry that I will have time to bake up a quick batch of these beauties, too.

My head keeps coming back to the Kentucky Derby. Over the weekend, I dragged my mom along on a shopping trip for a Derby dress. I think that I have found the winner. Now it is time to narrow down the rest of my dresses to a managable five so that I have the entire weekend covered. This might call for a dress post, you guys. Start mentally preparing for a lot of selfies. But don't expect the big hat reveal just yet. I have my hat but it is significantly lacking in flowers and feathers and ribbon. I have high hopes of my ability to craft the perfect hat, but it is not ready for the interwebs or the Kentucky Derby.

A few months ago, my grandma mentioned that she wanted to try yoga. Shortly thereafter, there was a killer Groupon for a studio that is right around the corner from her house. I bought two: one for me, one for Grandma. I gave it to her for her birthday a few weeks ago, but she left for a long vacation the next week so we haevn't gone to a class. Yet. She gets home today and I am anxiously awaiting our first class together. My grandma is in incredible shape and she's ridiculously flexible. Not to mention being so adorable that I'm positive that the yogis are going to try to steal her. This might be my best idea yet.
Any Louisville fans in the house who wish to reveal themselves? Who wants to be my coffee addiction sponsor? Do you think any yogis will really try to steal my grandma? And, most importantly, how was your weekend, you guys?  
Go Blue!


Kari said...

They are so going to try and steal your gramma. Bets on how long before she starts teaching classes?
One of my favourite yoga classes was taught by a lady who was likely your gramma's age. She had been doing yoga for 40+ years and kept saying "now they call this X" etc. I don't think it was the 40+ years of yoga experience that made her such a great instructor -- but her 75+ years of life experience.

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