Thursday, April 04, 2013

Spring + Summer + Dreams + Plans

I’m still wearing scarves and sweaters and I’ve regretted the choice every day I’ve gone to work wearing nothing on my feet other than my ballet flats, but it feels like spring. You know what spring feels like? Spring feels like you’re finally free of the black hole that is a winter in the Midwest. Spring feels like sunshine.

I need my sunglasses, you guys. So what if I need my winter coat, too?

While craving the end of wintertime, I made a short wish list for spring/summer 2013. Some are foregone conclusions. Others are lofty, dreamy, silly.

And I’m excited to do it all.

What I want to do this spring/summer
Attend a baseball game
Drink on a patio while wearing a sundress
Play a lot of soccer
The Coach
Meet Lucy and Chet’s new baby boy
Read on the deck in the sunshine
Get a solid start to planning my Brazil trip
Take Ellie for ice cream
Make something pretty
Get a pedicure
Watch a soccer game
Make a decision or a change that feels big
Read 5 books that aren’t for work
Go somewhere fancy
Make caramel corn
Take silly pictures
5+ yoga classes
Road trip
Buy someone the perfect present

What about you guys? Big plans? Little plans? No plans?


Lauren said...

Get to know my new baby
Learn how to travel simply with an infant in tow
Find a new job either in the Southwest or International
Read 3 new books
1 trip to Chicago
1 trip to Las Vegas
1 trip home to Michigan
Go to the beach at least once
See both sets of my parents at least once
Work to get my body back after the bambina is born!

A said...

A baby! YAY!

Unknown said...

My birthday is in June, and I've already started making plans for the weekend. My boyfriend and I are taking a mini-vacation (to a big city about two hours away from where I live). We're going to a baseball game, the zoo, a few museums, a musical (community theatre is good enough for me!)... It's going to be great!!!! We're both taking the Friday off work and spending two nights in the city. I'm SO excited.

Other than that, my current city of residence has a festival almost every weekend during the summer, so I plan on hitting up most of those. :)

It's not spring yet here. Our lows this week were in the 20s. And it snowed last week.

Also, this is why I first started following you when I got my anon account. Because I was in the Midwest for the first time. :)

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