Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Selfie Fashion Week 2013

Fashion show! As promised, I’m going to show you my Derby dress.

I’m also going to show you a few others because I wouldn’t mind a little help picking out the other dresses I’m going to haul to Kentucky. At the very least, I need a dress to wear to Churchill Downs on Friday. But I think I will bring along another dress or two so I can have it as an option to wear to dinner on one of the nights that we’re there.

No comments on how pale I am or how I need to iron my dresses! There will be the careful application of self-tanner and proper pressing prior to the Derby, I promise.

Okay. Anyway. Here we go. The dress below is my Derby dress. I’m not showing you my hat so you’re just going to have to judge the standalone dress and eagerly await the hat reveal. It’s from J. Crew. I paid too much for it (Maybe it's just me, but I feel like everything I buy at J. Crew is always slightly more expensive than I feel it should be.) It has an exposed zipper, which is cute. I’m a little afraid it looks too much like a J. Crew bridesmaid dress. It has pockets. The blue is actually a little bit lighter, leaning more towards periwinkle.You can't see it because of the junky cellphone photography, but the dress has a lot of pretty structure to it. It's a dress that I'll have for a long time, which is why I felt okay about paying too much for it in the first place. It isn't a one-and-done dress.

Unless I find something that's absolutely perfect in the next couple of weeks, I'm going ahead with this as my Derby dress. 

Now on to other possibilities for Derby weekend.

The (newer) tradition for the race on Friday – The Oaks – is to wear pink and I would like to incorporate a bit of pink into my outfit if it’s at all possible.

From left to right.

Dress 1: Hot pink. Pretty simple. Definitely short.

Dress 2: The fancy lady choice of dresses under consideration, I think. It feels less casual thank the rest. It also has a fun exposed zipper. The last time I wore it, I totally looked pregnant in the pictures* and the fault was honestly the dress and not a baby or bloating. Which makes me really hesitant to choose this dress. Even though I do like it.

Dress 3: I picked up at Macy’s a few months ago. Maybe a little too casual? Trick would be adding pink to the outfit, but I think I could get away with a fuchsia cardigan.

Dress 4: Strapless and pretty basic. I don’t know that strapless dresses do much for me, to be honest. Flowers on the dress are a really, really pale pink so I could play that up to get in the pink factor.

Dress 5: Matronly? Boring? Adding in pink would be easy. My Derby hat has stripes, so I wonder if this would be a case of too many stripes for one weekend.  

Dress 6: Basic, white, J. Crew. Ties in the back. On the shorter side. Super comfortable.

Dress 7: Picture doesn’t show the colors very well, but this is brown and teal. I have no idea how I would pull some pink into this outfit, so I guess it probably isn’t a Friday option. This dress might be leaning a little too old and conservative for the occasion.   

*Here is proof that I looked pregnant in the pictures from the last time I wore this dress.

Rough, right? That was not my best day in so many ways -- my hair, my imaginary baby, my horrible attitude.

I was about to post a picture of myself in the white dress, wearing a bright blue wig from my wig-themed 30th birthday party but there's really a limit to how much you can embarrass yourself on the internet in one day.


Unknown said...

Your Derby dress is very simple and classy.

I love the hot pink dress!!! Wear it! Or the white J.Crew dress is really fun and spring-like.

The others are nice, but those are my two favorites.

Anonymous said...

The first hot pink dress is adorable. Love it!! I love The Derby dress too!

Readyandfading said...

Love the hot pink, the white, and #3, too. LOVE THEM!

The derby dress is lovely, too. Very appropriate and looks great on you.

You are totally adorable.

A said...

Awww. You guys. Always the bestest of the bestest. #1 readers!

my life is brilliant said...

I like #1 and #3 too. I don't think you look pregnant in the dress in the graduation picture! I see the "pooch" you're talking about, but I don't think it's really a pooch. It looks like Meg's gown is covering the dress in places, but because the gown kind of blends into the background, it's hard to see that, especially since the dress is so much lighter.

A said...

Damn, girl! I think you might be right! You have good eyes. I should have posted this picture in August because I've been feeling bad about that dress, which it otehrwise cute, since then. haha.

Susan said...

Derby dress is awesome and classic!
Otherwise, my favorite dresses are (in order of preference):
- Dress 6 (damn girl! not everyone can look that hot in white!)
- Dress 1
- Dress 3

Can't wait to see photos from the Derby!

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