Friday, April 26, 2013

My Grandma the Yogi

It is a very special Friday, as today marked the beginning of my grandma's transition to a yogic lifestyle.

As you may or may not know, I bought my grandma an 8-class package of classes to the yoga studio by her house. She had mentioned that she wanted to try yoga and I thought it might be fun for us to take a few yoga classes together.

I was right. It was so fun.

When I showed up at her house this morning, Grandma was wearing yoga pants and a sensible striped long sleeved shirt. Knowing that the room was heated to 78 degrees, I suggested that she change into a t-shirt.
Before we left, Grandpa gave us a few words of wisdom. "Don't let them put anything around your neck!" Noted, Grandpa.

We checked in at the studio and we filled out our waiver and Grandma made friends with all of the ladies at the front desk and told them all about having read an article about the studio in the newspaper. They ushered us over to the yoga room, where it was very hot and smelled very strongly of incense and I thought she would say something about that but she didn't. I put Grandma's mat right by mine and tried not to laugh when, at the beginning of class, she started talking very loudly. In the silent room. She figured it out before I had to break out the librarian "ssssh."

For the first few minutes of class, she did a lot of loud grunting. She eventually settled into the relative quietness of the class and just made faces when something was hard.

My grandma is in fantastic shape, so she actually did quite a good job with the class. Yoga is difficult for anyone their first time. It's hard to figure out which limb goes where. Sometimes I would point to my foot or my arm to help her get in place, but she figured all of that out fairly quickly.  

It was towards the end of class when I realized that I didn't tell her about the resting part at the end. Nor did I warn her that the instructor might come around and adjust your neck or otherwise touch you during the rest. To my happy surprise, she didn't jump up and shout when the instructor came around and put some aromatherapy oil on our temples.

She was very pleased with herself after class. She told all of the other ladies that she hopes that she will see them again and she told the instructor that she did a very good job. The instructor told Grandma that she might be a little sore tomorrow and Grandma insisted that she would definitely not be sore. (She insisted the same thing to me later.) (My sister will see her tomorrow so I am making her ask Grandma if she is sore to find out if this is true.)

There was a bit of chatting in the lobby after class and, just as we were leaving, Grandma said something about being a 79-year-old great grandma.

The instructor gasped. "79?! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR."

And you guys? When she heard the instructor say that? Grandma turned to, well, shut the front door. It was adorable.

After class, she took me to lunch at Subway.

I was a little nervous that she would scoff at all of the take-a-cleansing-breath/spiritual/set-an-intention-for-class/hippie aspects of yoga class but she actually liked it. She said it would help her better deal with Grandpa. Truth.

I should also mention that Grandma went to Curves a few hours before our yoga class. You guys? My grandma is hardcore.

She is also awesome.

And alarmingly flexible.


Vicki said...

your grandma sounds ballin'

Kari said...

Your grandma is awesome. I bet they will give her a great deal on the classes after the pass runs out because they will be so in love with her!

Anonymous said...


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