Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Yoga with Grandma

I took Grandma to her second yoga class tonight.

She bought a sassy pair of black capri yoga pants.

And a tank top.

And her own yoga mat.

So I think that she must be liking this okay. To jump in like this, I mean. She's old school frugal. And absolutely detests shopping. And tight clothes. The more I think about it, the more remarkable it seems.

When we walked into the studio today, the receptionist said "hi, Grandma!" just like Grandma had taken a dozen classes before. I suppose there aren't a lot of 79-year-old ladies who take classes at their studio. The receptionist's greeting was adorable. And, to make the whole interaction even cuter, Grandma showed off her new outfit for her, too.

I might have taken a photo of her sweet new outfit on the sly. Look at her arms. She's 79. Seriously.

It's only been two classes, so maybe I'm making it a bigger deal than it really is, but this whole experience has made me feel so incredibly lucky. Lucky that I am 30 years old and I have a grandma -- a grandma who I am close to, a grandma who I adore, a grandma who is still so very much full of life -- and I have the good sense to spend time with her. Lucky that I have the time and the means to take yoga. Lucky that I can share something I love with someone I love. 


Sarah said...

This is seriously so awesome. YOU are awesome! I also love your excited list below. Your blog made me happy today!

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