Monday, April 01, 2013

I'm cool

Lately, I have been having problems with my quads. Tight, achy, sore: there isn't a specific injury to blame, just pain caused by the amount I run and my general neglect in terms of properly stretching and using my foam roller.

Due to my level of activity, I am generally all sorts of beat up. It is quite convenient to have a physical therapist as a sister.

I've been bitching about my sore quads for a few weeks now. Yesterday, Meg stretched me out a little bit and then she taped up my especially sore quad with elastic therapeutic tape. She just got certified in this therapy technique, so she was more than happy to use me for a little practice.

And she just bought herself a few rolls of tape with fun prints to use when she's taping up herself or her pathetic sister. I thought nothing of it when she pulled a tiger print roll out of her bag. 

The tape job only took Meg a few minutes. I was grateful for anything that could potentially give me a bit of relief, as I am trying to cut back from regularly taking 600 mg doses of Ibuprofen just because I am eternally sore and whiny.

Meg taped me up. I pulled on my jeans and I got back to the business of eating pounds and pounds of Easter candy. I thought nothing of it.

It wasn't until last night, when I was putting on a pair of shorts to go for a quick run, did I realize that I had two large strips of tiger striped tape on my leg.

And a gynecologist appointment in the morning.

(Gynecologist appointment on April Fools Day for the win!)

Now, I could have pulled off the tape before my appointment, but the tape is supposed to stay on longer than that. Plus Meg's leaving soon for a hockey tournament in California, which means I wouldn't get another taping for more than a week and it seemed to be helping.

"She's a physician," Meg dismissed when I called about my predicament. And then she dropped a bunch of medical jargon that I wouldn't remember, telling me to inform my doctor what my very colorful leg decor was doing.

I contemplated peeling off the tape again this morning.  

But my legs hurt more than my pride would. I left it on.

"That's...impressive!" my doctor exclaimed when she noticed the tape, which happened approximately .3 seconds after she walked into the exam room.

Apparently doctors are, like, trained to be observant. Fancy that.

I really don't know how I'm going to top this for my appointment next year. But I'm thinking that it might need to involve stick-on rhinestones.

Do you think she made a note of it in my chart?


Kari said...

She made a note in your chart and has told others about it...I can almost guarantee it...I work with a tonne of MDs...

A said...

hahahaha. I figured as much. There are worse things that could be in her chart!

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