Monday, April 29, 2013

I am feeling excited: a list

 1. Taking Grandma to her second yoga class tomorrow.
 2. Our actual yoga class; I need a good stretch (three soccer games in one day will do that).
 3. The super special surprise dress I bought for Derby weekend.
 5. Approximately 39 things I have planned for summertime.
 6. A mother/daughter pre-Mother's Day tea with Lucy and our moms.
 7. My latest project: watching the last two seasons of Gossip Girl.
 8. Finally getting started on our plans to go to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup; kickoff is a mere 13 months away! 
 9. The cup of coffee I'll have tomorrow morning. The thing about limiting myself to a single cup of coffee every day is that I get very, very fired up about that single cup of coffee.
10. When The Coach finally, finally, finally comes home for the summer.
11. This weekend's long-awaited road trip with Lucy. It has been so long since we've been on a proper road trip, just the two of us.
12. My Derby outfits. I may or may not be packing six pairs of shoes for three days.
13. Blogging a proper recap of my derby dresses when I return home. I promise lots of pictures!
14. Meg's new house. She closed last Thursday and moved in over the weekend. She's excited so I'm excited.
15. Going to bed. I've really been digging the early bedtimes lately.
16. Mango smoothies. All the time.
17. That Meg is taking the lead on our full-family, kids-cook Mother's Day extravaganza this year.
18. Lucy and Chet's little guy. July is going to be here so soon! He's going to be such an awesome miniature dude. I am so eager to meet him and love him and spoil him.
19. The future. I can't pinpoint why, but it feels rosy.
20. Finally posting a picture of my Derby hat! You're all going to be so impressed. You'll never see me the same again. No longer will I be That Strange Blogger from Detroit. I'll be That Fancy Lady Blogger from Detroit...who is strange. Embrace the change.

And tell me what you're excited about, too.


Kari said...

Can't wait to see the Derby hat!
Have fun with gramma at yoga!

Accidentally Me said...

Wait...there is another dress we don't know about yet?!?!

A said...

Yes. I have a problem.

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