Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Embracing the weirdness

It’s quite frequent, when I am out and about with Lucy and Baby A, to feel like people are trying to figure us out. Who does this baby belong to and where does the blonde fit into the puzzle?

I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It is wonderful, honestly, that I’m comfortable with Baby A and he’s comfortable with me. It’s nice that sometimes I can give Lucy a break and balance him on my lap during lunch. I could care less what people think or that they’re thinking of it at all.

It only gets more confusing when Chet is in the picture.

On Friday night, as I mentioned before, the four of us went to dinner. The reservation was in my name. Lucy and Chet sat across from each other with me between them. Baby A sat at Chet’s side. Chet took care of keeping the little dude happy throughout the night.

At one point, the restaurant manager came over and asked me a question about Baby A. And then asked Lucy a question about him, too. It was pretty apparent that she couldn’t quite figure out who went with what, but how do you clarify such a thing?

We only made it more confusing for everyone – our server, especially – when I ordered Chet’s meal. At his request. I’m not sure why. I didn’t ask why. I just did it.

I could just see her trying to work it all out. We have the man who is taking care of the baby. He is wearing a wedding ring. And we have the lady who is ordering for the man, who is not wearing a wedding ring. And then there’s the other lady who looks like the baby.

As a big fan of people watching, I know that I would be trying to piece together that puzzle.

Our favorite assumption is that people think that we’re polygamists.

We like to tease Chet and tell him that all of the men in the restaurant are observing his two fine wives and staring at him with jealousy in their eyes.

And I’ve taken to referring to Lucy as my sister wife.

Embracing the weirdness. It’s a key to happiness.


Accidentally Me said...

I know a lot of married guys...and very few of them think "Wow, I wish I had another wife!" :-)

A said...

HA! Valid point. And also if it were the two of us. OMG. It's bad enough that C has to put up with us a few times a week.

Kari said...

i'm with you on the embracing the weirdness. I think it is hilarious that people always want to categorize people. One of my close friends has breast cancer --she's asked me to tag along on a number of her appointments/treatments, etc with her and her husband (to take notes, ask questions, etc). The looks we get in the waiting rooms are hilarious and then the looks from the doctors is even more hilarious. Especially the time she used the term special friend to introduce me. We still laugh about it...

A said...

What a good special friend you are, Kari! I'm sure everyone is confused, and I'm sure that your friend is so grateful to have your help. Best wishes to her!

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