Sunday, April 14, 2013

An unfamiliar feeling

What a lovely three day stretch. What a lovely, lovely weekend. I am writing from bed, fresh from an absurdly hot post-run shower and I am just so satisfied with the last few days.

There is just something about feeling content that I find so intoxicating.

I suppose that could be attributed to how infrequently I allow myself to feel content. I don't give myself a lot of time to breathe. I don't leave myself with time to reflect on my last goal because I am too busy embarking on my next one. I don't allow myself many idle hours. Contentment is not a feeling that I have with any frequency.

But it is quite nice.

This weekend was quite nice.

I would tell you about what I did but it was nothing remarkable. An ordinary three days that were quietly awesome and exactly what I needed.

No. Wait. I'm exaggerating again. The weekend was very close to what I needed but not exactly what I needed.

If there had been even three minutes of sunshine on any of those three days, they would have qualified as perfect. But it has been gloomy, gloomy, gloomy 'round here and when I am done gushing about lovely days, I am going to order up some springtime and some sunshine. Rush delivery, please.

Lovely days are lovely days, but they don't make snow in April any more appealing.


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Elliott said...

April snow and freezing rain in these parts. Drove home from visiting SW Ontario in a snow storm on Saturday. Then spent 5 hours on Sunday cleaning up after Friday's freezing rain storm. Fortunately the tree boucing off the house didn't do too much damage.

Pretty sure we had 5 or 6 golf games in this time last year...our course isn't even open yet.

We're looking forward to April least it'll mean it is above freezing for a change.

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