Monday, March 18, 2013

Very Bad Injury

I sustained a significant injury on Friday and I wanted you all to know about it.

I wore this new bra – a bra that (embarrassingly?) my mother bought for me because she does things like that – one of those convertible numbers with straps you can move here and there to accommodate your strapless/one-shoulder/halter/this/that/the other thing/whatever fashions. I wasn’t wearing a fancy top to necessitate a convertible bra but it was what I grabbed out of my drawer and it seemed like a good reason to cut the tags off.

My new bra truly felt fine throughout the day. There were no falling straps or weird twists or uncomfortable binding of my ribs or anything else to make me feel like I was wearing a torture device.

Maybe I was just distracted all day. All the day long. From when I put it on at 7:00 am until when I finally took it off at nearly midnight. When I noticed that it had RUBBED THE SKIN OFF OF MY BACK.

I have two wounds on my back – right at the band of my bra, one on each side. With legitimate scabs. This shit is hardcore.

My bra broke me.

As it is meant to converted into all sorts of strange shapes, the bra had that kind of sticky band running along the inside. You know what I mean? It’s a little tacky so that it stays up and you keep your dignity and whatnot?

Apparently my ultra-sensitive skin did not like that sticky nonsense and just decided to, like, peace out in that particular location.

Not cool.

I’m not a fan of looking like I have been whipped or for these wounds to get infected and more disgusting, so I’m pretty desperate to get this healed up right quick. I just keep thinking that my sports bras are going to make the whole situation worse and it is never going to heal properly.

Luckily, I have one critical component to this project firmly on my side and that is this: I have no boobs.
Which means, basically, this: I am currently at work and I am not wearing a bra.

The situation is somewhat controlled: I am wearing a camisole with a flimsy built-in bra, but that doesn’t rub on the situation the same way a legitimate bra would.

Rest assured that I did select my outfit specifically to hide my braless commitment to properly healing my war wound. The sight of me is not shocking anyone I interact with today.

But I am still at work without a bra. And it feels weird.

Today’s lessons are as follows: don’t wear a convertible bra unless you need to be wearing a convertible bra. Also maybe don’t wear a bra that you did not purchase and have never tried on, either. And also be thankful if you have small breasts and can get away with not wearing a bra in emergency situations.


Kari said...

If you do need to wear a bra before it heals -- moleskin works wonders. My similar injury wasn't from a convertible bra but from a bra with unfortunate stitching on the straps (that I also did not boyfriend's mother bought it which was beyond weird). Unfortunately I can't go without a bra...

A said...

That's a brilliant idea, Kari! I know I have some in my skating bag that I can dig out.

Readyandfading said...

This has happened to me as well with a strapless bra! I had some of those sticky cups that are really like nipple guards with a little support on hand and I wore those for a while with baggy tops until I healed. I hope you feel better soon!

Fabulously Always said...

That sounds like one bad fitting bra. Get measured. Makes the world of a difference :)

Irving Morgan said...

Yikes! That must've really hurt and irritated you. You should really choose a good bra for you, depending on the size of your breasts and your body. You should also consider the quality and on the compatibility of its materials and design to your skin. It's not bad thing to be picky about your bra. In any way, thanks for sharing that! All the best!

Irving Morgan @ Your Plus Size Bra

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