Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Weekend, In Pictures

On Friday night, Lucy and I ditched her boys and headed to the theater.

We went to the Fisher, to be exact, where we saw The Book of Mormon.

And had a stranger take our picture while we were standing in line for the restroom. (Sorry, stranger.)

I joined Meg and a group of her friends for a bit of festive drinking on Saturday.

I wasn't out long. Because I am old.

Also because I had a hockey game.

We tied, 2-2.

We celebrated my grandma and grandpa's birthdays today. My grandpa officially turns 80 tomorrow!

Mom baked three pies to celebrate. Key lime, strawberry rhubarb and German chocolate pecan. I had a little of each.

Not pictured but also accomplished over the weekend: watching House of Cards with Lucy and Chet. Yoga. A 4-mile run. Significant progress on Wild by Cheryl Strayed. A trip to Trader Joe's. The season finale of Girls. Painting my nails. Being generally awesome. So, you know. The usual.


Kari said...

How was the Book of Mormon? Have tentative plans to see it in TO. Glad you got some pie in (after all Thursday was pi day!).

A said...

It was entertaining! I enjoyed it. Funny, offensive, all the things I like.

Kari said...

Funny and offensive are what I am going for! Thanks!

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