Friday, March 15, 2013

A Few Days of Stuffing My Face

Earlier in the week, a couple of you expressed an interest in knowing a little bit more about how I eat and cook and work out. I don’t normally keep track of what I eat, but I jotted it all down through yesterday so that I could share.

I should clarify a few things:
1. Food consumed this week is probably slightly healthier than I eat on an average week, mainly due to a grocery trip made solely to procure fresh fruit and vegetables. I eat them when I have them at home, but I’m not always great about making the effort.
2. I always make a big batch of something for lunches. This week, it was a take on this Jasmine Rice & Peas recipe recently posted at Daily Garnish. It was basically the most simple thing I have ever made, but it tasted good to me through Wednesday, when it started to get a little boring. I threw diced avocado on the top yesterday and I was happy again.
3. I have been such a good little water drinker this week. I am seriously impressed with myself. On my produce run, I bought mint, lemon and cucumber, which I sliced up and put in my water pitcher and that little change is making all the difference. I’ve had my 8 cups of water every day this week, which I haven’t managed since January.
4. I typically eat way more chocolate over the course of four days. This stretch of days was an anomaly.

Breakfast: egg, bran muffin
Lunch: rice & peas, Chobani Greek yogurt
Dinner: cheese and crackers, roasted sweet potatoes
Snack: ¼ cup of nuts
Notes: on Mondays/Wednesdays, I work an afternoon shift. I get up in the morning and lounge around and drink coffee, so I start eating much later in the day than on Tuesdays/Thursdays, when I’m at work by 8:00 am. When I say breakfast, I usually have it between 10-11:00 am. Lunch is somewhere around 4-5:00. Dinner is at 9:30 or so, just before I go upstairs to get ready for bed. My biggest challenge with dinner on those nights is not eating everything in the house as soon as I get home and right before I go to sleep.

Breakfast: egg, bran muffin
Lunch: rice & peas, Chobani Greek yogurt
Dinner: panko-crusted tilapia, roasted Brussels sprouts
Snacks: ¼ cup of nuts, banana, banana with peanut butter
Notes: that last banana with peanut butter was my attempt at refueling when I got home from the gym. I ran 6 miles on the treadmill and was starving by the time I got home. When I feel especially hungry, I’m generally not satisfied until I’ve consumed some protein and my favorite form of protein is peanut butter.

bran muffin, toast piled high with egg, avocado and cheese
Lunch: rice & peas, banana, Clementine
Dinner: soup, crackers (6) with peanut butter
Snack: ¼ cup of nuts
Notes: again, I have that funky schedule on Wednesdays. I got home on Wednesday night with a horrible headache and all I wanted was soup. I made a box of that Mrs. Grass noodle soup and ate about half. Again with the peanut butter and the protein: even though I had a headache, I was terribly hungry so I stuffed myself with Saltines and PB while I waited for my soup to cook.

Breakfast: two eggs, scrambled, with a bit of melted cheese on a toasted thin bun
Lunch:  rice & peas & avocado, Chobani Greek yogurt
Dinner: soup, sweet potatoes
Snacks: banana, Clementines (2), bran muffin, Dove dark chocolate squares (2), Brussels sprouts, crackers (4) with peanut butter
Notes: I always want something to eat the minute I leave work, so I had a Clementine and the two chocolate squares on my drive home. They powered me through a killer (and expensive) Target excursion. I knew that I would get home from the gym yesterday and snack a lot because the soup and sweet potatoes wasn’t even remotely enough for dinner, but I hate eating too much to go to the gym. It was enough to fuel me through a run and I ate Brussels sprouts, a Clementine and crackers and PB while watching Grey’s Anatomy.

On Monday morning, I made the rice & peas, roasted the sweet potatoes, I hard boiled a few eggs and I sliced up all of the goodies for water. For me, that preparation is probably what keeps me from eating complete crap all week long. I do better when I don't have to think about what I'm going to eat for lunch. I do better when there's something healthy in the refrigerator that I can just heat up.

I will have to do this again on a week where I’m especially hungry. And maybe on a week when I’m especially bad. Like a few weeks ago when I lived almost exclusively on Girl Scout cookies. It happens.


Readyandfading said...

THANK YOU! Love this and you are such a balanced eater. I need to follow your way of eating more. Also, I am self employed and plan to try your eating times and see if it leads to better satisfaction...I am always so hungry before bed on the days I work out (5 days a week).

Belle Vierge said...

I don't usually like drinking plain water. My biggest "healthy" change this year has been making a pitcher of green tea and drinking a large water bottle of it at work each day. I go through a pitcher about every three days. It's just sweet enough (two green tea bags with one fruity herbal tea bag, lightly sweetened with honey) and it still provides a bit of caffeine for me. But it's soooo much cheaper (and healthier) than drinking three Diet Cokes with Lime every day. Now I just have three or four sodas a week.

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