Saturday, March 23, 2013

On last-minute interviews

When I last interviewed -- in November -- I was called on Friday afternoon for a Monday morning interview. And I thought that was rude.

It was rude to me, because it gave me very little time to prepare and even less time to call off of work. It was rude to my current employer, because it left them short a staff member with very little notice and, in case you haven't noticed, I (stupidly) chose a profession where being vastly understaffed is the norm. (I also stupidly chose a profession in which I will never make any money, but that is a rant for another day.)

You want me to go in to an interview and harp on an on about how I am a dedicated employee at my current position, yet you put me in a position in which I have no choice but to do all of the things that I am telling you that I don't do -- I don't call off at a minute's notice; I am a team player. It's practically as logical as dating a known cheater and expecting the cheater to be faithful.

I know that it's just the nature of business and it's just part of the process, but it is my pet peeve. It's inconsiderate. Treat the people you're interviewing (and the people they currently work for) with respect. 

I got a call yesterday -- Friday -- for an interview.

On Monday morning.


That -- along with a few other aspects of the process that they've already botched -- already has me in a strop about this interview.

Although, I suppose there is something to be said for going in feeling like you have absolutely nothing left to lose.

I have nothing to lose!

Except maybe (former) Coworker B's respect. He'll be sitting on the interview panel. I feel weird about that.

Any tips for interviewing with a friend?

I feel weird about B sitting in on the interview. I feel weird about potentially not being offered job after B made it so clear that he wanted me to work for/with him. I feel weird about potentially turning down a job that B set me up for. I feel weird about all of this. Well, a combination of weird and annoyed.

Probably not the best mental place to be inhabiting before an interview, eh?


Kari said...

There is nothing wrong with going to the interview and just seeing what they have to offer. Don't go into it thinking that you have to take the job or you have to perform a certain way so they offer you the job. Just be yourself. Think about what's best for you (not everyone else). Once you are offered the job (I am confident that you will be) then you can make the decision...remembering to think about what's best for you -- not what you think others will think if you do or don't take the job.
Good luck tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

I never schedule interviews for Mondays - never. They say you should schedule them Tues. - Thurs. I always try for the last slot on Thursday afternoon. Never the first slot. But, that's just me. Good luck!

A said...

Monday was my only choice. Nice because I don't work until the afternoon, so I didn't have to take any time off, but I suspect some of their lateness was Monday-related so you're right on with avoiding it.

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