Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not enough, too much

Among the group of friends who were out for pre-St. Patrick’s Day drinking on Saturday was Meg’s friend Jessie.

Jessie and Meg have been friends since elementary school. She plays summer soccer with us. She’s a sweet girl who went through an ugly breakup just a few weeks before Meg and Drew’s breakup. She’s in the unenviable situation of living with her ex and she is eager to get out of that messy living situation. When Meg closes on her house – at the beginning of May – Jessie will move in with her.

And that is how the soundtrack of Saturday afternoon was loud, lengthy chorus of “we’re all going to live together! Roommates! All three of us!”

Jessie and Meg were singing the song.

I wasn’t feeling quite so excited about it.

I told Meg that I would move in with her and I am honestly not opposed to it and I’m not opposed to living with Jessie, either. I think that we would have a lot of fun. I just...I don’t know. I just don’t want to move, basically. I physically don’t want to move my shit and I don’t want to adjust to living in a new place.

Not without a good reason.

I do want to move. I want change. I want big change. Not just a change of scenery. Not just new roommates. I want a new job or some other massive life change to be the catalyst for a move. I want a new job that with a commute that would be inconvenient from where I am currently living. Or I want Liz to have a new boyfriend and to want to get out of sharing the house with the two of them. I just want a reason. Preferably a reason that is awesome.  

Moving for the sake of moving just seems like so much work.

So I will delay this as long as possible. I won't move in right away. I'll let Meg and Jessie settle in and learn the neighborhood and meet the neighbors and get the cable installed. I'll give the universe a little extra time.

And then I'll have a good reason.

And then I'll move.  


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wouldn't be pressured into moving, either. I think by the time Jesse moves in and gets settle you will have a good reason - keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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