Monday, March 25, 2013

More on last-minute interviews

As I mentioned this weekend, I was in a strop because this morning's interview was scheduled at the very last minute.

My attitude about how the interview was scheduled did not keep me from making sure that I was well prepared. And also adorable. Not adorable in a way that would make an old lady want to pinch my cheeks, but adorable in a really put together way. It took me way too many interviews for me to realize that a very conservative, very classic suit and blouse doesn't fit me well. It's too safe and I feel like a robot and I need some aspect of that uniform that truly feels like it fits me -- a pop of color or really great jewelry or shoes that are awesome yet appropriate -- to feel like myself. And I need to feel like me (the very best version of me) in order to interview well.

It's too bad ball gowns aren't appropriate interview attire. I would rock that shit.

Even though I wasn't in a ball gown, I can confidently report that I looked cute while I waited FOR 45 MINUTES for my interview to start. I wasn't the first interview of the day. And I knew that I was in trouble when I was ushered to the waiting room and the woman with the interview before me hadn't been brought in yet.

She seemed annoying. And way less cute than me.

I waited just short of forever. Somehow managed to keep my cool the entire time.

Interviewing is much easier when you don't desperately need the job that you're interviewing for, right? I had forgotten that feeling of easy, cool confidence that had when I interviewed last November. By that I really just mean that I had no desire to vomit and I will always appreciate the absence of that feeling.

Being in the interview room with (former) Coworker B was basically the weirdest. Half of the time I wanted to launch into "hey, remember that time when..." and half of the time I was afraid to make eye contact with him. But I think I faked it pretty well. And he didn't indicate that it was too terribly, horribly, awful weird. So hopefully it wasn't. And, if it was, hopefully it was terribly, horribly, awful weird for only the two of us and not for either of the two other people who were in the room.

The interview itself was okay. I didn't leave feeling so confident that I wanted to do cartwheels, but I didn't leave feeling like I was ready to cry, either.

After the interview, B took me on a tour of the building and you guys: that place is a little magical. Enough so that I can almost forget about the hurry up and wait bullshit of the interview process.

I don't want to get too attached to the idea, but I would really like to work there.


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