Thursday, March 07, 2013

Everyone isn't like me

One of the more fun responsibilities of my job – other than dealing with crazies and refilling the paper in the public printer – is leading a book discussion group.

My group consists of a handful of older women. They’re all very educated, well spoken, smart and sweet. We have a good chat once a month. I rather enjoy it.

This week, we met to discuss The Submission by Amy Waldman. The premise of the book, basically, is that a jury chooses the design for the memorial for the victims of 9/11, and the anonymous architect who designed the memorial turns out to be an American Muslim.

When you’re selecting for discussion, the best books have a little bit of controversy. I expect that the book would spur good conversation – and it did.

What I didn’t expect was for one of my little old ladies to blurt out “I enjoyed the book, but I did not enjoy so much use of the F word!”

I was stunned, you guys.

I just sat there. Blinking.

I hadn’t even noticed it was there.

Even once.

“And there was too much sex.”

We’re not talking descriptions of sex, either. Just maybe a sentence that implied that, yes, these characters had intercourse. None of the characters even had multiple partners.


It was fortunate that we read this book now. I’m just getting ready to choose our books for the next year and I had my heart set on reading Tiny Beautiful Things with our group because I was terribly interested to see what a group of women 35+ years older than me thought of Sugar’s advice.

Every fourth word is fuck and a quarter of the advice is about sex in some way, shape or form. I think I’ll save Tiny Beautiful Things for my ultra-liberal, young and hip book discussion group full of hot, single men that has yet to be created.


betsy said...

you had me @ sex & fuck. I am so reading those books!

Belle Vierge said...

Your book club sounds like so much fun! But the reactions just make me want to grasp my pearls and say "Bless their hearts."

Readyandfading said...

This book club sounds like my dream come true. I could see the ladies from your description and I gigged to myself, adorable!

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