Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The longer I have my job, the harder it is for me to deal with the creepers.

There are a lot of creepers. They come in many different forms. Young creepers. Old creepers. Needy creepers. Creepy creepers. Rude creepers. Shy creepers. There are several creepers every day. Some creepers feel harmless. Some creepers do not.

Tonight, I had an overly friendly creeper.

The overly friendly creepers are amongst the worst because it’s really hard to get them to go away. They just hang around and hang around and hang around.

So this guy – who turns out to be the overly friendly creeper – asks me a (stupid) question and I answer it. And then he asks me another (stupid) question and I answer it. And then he makes a (stupid) comment and I acknowledge it.

He comes back later and asks me another question and I’ll admit that I wasn’t exactly warm and fuzzy when I answered it. Sometimes my boss does this thing when she’s all sugar sweet to the point that she’s almost condescending and I hate that. So, usually, when somebody asks me a question, I answer it but I’m not going to do a curtsey at the end and offer to kiss your hand. Sorry. Not happening.

So the guy says to me “are you always like that? Snooty?”

Which made me equally embarrassed (I probably was a little bitchy) and angry (because he was rude, too) and pissed off that I was even in this situation in the first place because we’re so understaffed that I’m the only staff member on the floor of this building and I feel like I have to be on the defensive against creepers every second because there isn’t anyone here to rescue me if I need rescuing.

I have no idea how someone could hold this job for 30+ years.

I don’t know how I am going to make it through the next three.


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