Sunday, March 31, 2013


The Athlete is now The Retired Athlete.

Do you guys remember The Athlete? I'm sure a lot of you do. I'm sure a lot of you don't. The one sentence summary: he was a professional athlete -- playing in Europe -- I knew him from work and, for two consecutive summers, he liked me and I liked him but nothing ever happened and he would go back to Europe and I would be very sad.

And then he got back together with his ex-girlfriend and, last spring, he married her.

Which I didn't think much of, surprisingly. I mean, yes, I intentionally avoided his wedding pictures on The Facebook but learning of his marriage was like getting smacked with a feather. I didn't care. I might even be happy for him.

But learning of his retirement? That caught me off guard. I was in bed, half asleep, mindlessly scrolling with iPad balanced on my knees and then there's the press release and the announcement that he's taking a coaching job and will be moving stateside soon and it felt really weird.

And it felt really weird that it felt really weird.

Learning that news just took me right back to where I was during the reign of The Athlete. The person who I was and everything I had hoped for and, oh, if things had been different or if he had retired a few years ago? How happy would I have been that he was moving back?

Now he is just a guy in my past. A few good stories and a few fond memories.

And apparently the ability to knock me a bit off balance when I least expect it.


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