Thursday, March 14, 2013

Being the big sister is hard

If you’ve been reading my blog since its infancy, you might remember this. Meg was 18, she had just graduated from high school and she was tangled up in a mess of a “relationship” with a man who was in his mid-30s.

He was, more or less, The Worst. He taught a few kickboxing classes at our gym and hung out with a wealthy guy who called him his bodyguard and threw him a little money every once and a while. He had a kid who he rarely saw.

Oh, and he was living with another chick. (Who might have been pregnant? Or maybe there was a third chick who was pregnant. I can't remember exactly. I just know there were at least two kids.)

And talked Meg into boxing at a strip club.

Seriously classy.

One day, he basically dropped off of the face of the earth. Didn’t call, email, text, write or Facebook Meg for a few years. He’s popped in intermittently since then. I don’t know why Meg even entertains his attempts to catch up. But, then again, I don’t know why Meg was with him in the first place.

I wasn’t upset when he disappeared but, of course, Meg was. That’s where she gets her “everyone leaves me!” complex that she expressed so often when she and Drew broke up a few months ago.

Anyway. You would think that Meg had learned from that experience. Like maybe something like “oh, bad boys aren’t really a good fit for anything more than a short and casual fling” or “note to self: don’t pick up instructors at the gym!”

She joined a new kickboxing gym recently.

It took maybe three trips to the gym before she was BFFs with the manager. Who also teaches pole dancing fitness classes! Somehow he found out she has a stripper pole in her living room! Somehow he invited himself over to teach her pole dancing! Yay, free private pole dancing lessons!

I want to shake her.

Instead, I’ll just suggest (15 times over) that she have a friend or two over, too.


Kari said...

How did I miss that Meg has a stripper pole in her living room? You didn't mention that in your pro/con list of moving in with Meg once she has her own house! (not sure if it is a pro or a con). AM might have to add that to your online dating profile (we can just pretend that it is your living room). :)

Accidentally Me said...

I am not entirely sure that the boy we are seeking for A is the one who would respond most enthusiastically to the idea of the stripper pole.

Still, I agree with Kari: it was an awfully important detail to leave out:-) I wouldn't completely dismiss the idea of learning a basic move or two...just in case you find a use for it...

One question: did Meg win her stripper boxing match? Just curious.

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