Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I didn't expect to see The Coach at all this month.

Nor did I expect to be sitting on my bed on a Tuesday afternoon, listening to The Coach sing in my shower.

There isn't a lot in my life that I leave up to chance or to surprise. The last 36 hours have been unique. The guy I wasn't expecting to see became the guy singing in my shower.

He came home for sad reasons. I picked him up at the airport. He flew in to be with his family. He chose to spend a couple of hours with me, too. I enjoyed every second of a nice few hours and I didn't even bother to wish for more; he needed to be with his family.

I wasn't expecting to see him. Under the circumstances of his very short visit, I wouldn't have expected to see him.

I wasn't expecting to see him. I am so grateful that I did.


Kari said...

So you let him sing in the shower alone? Have we taught you nothing?:)

A said...


No comment.

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Totally agree with Kari ;)

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