Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thinking About (Mostly Superficial Things)

1. Straight hair. I feel like if I just straighten my hair with the flat iron, it looks weird unnatural bone straight. So I’ll usually add some curl to the bottom. But that adds a lot of time. I need to find a happy medium. Or learn how to curl the ends with my flat iron without burning my hands.

2. Red nail polish. I bought a bottle of Essie Really Red over the weekend and I am in l-o-v-e. It’s pretty much the perfect Valentine’s Day red and I know that, as Perpetual Single Girl, I am not supposed to like Valentine’s Day but I sort of do anyway and, therefore, must paint my nails to mark the day.

3. The Coach. It's a really critical time in his season right now so I am kind of -- I don't know -- worried, I guess. I know how much energy he pours into his job and all I want is for it to turn out for him, you know? As silly as it is to fret about a game (and that is his job, his highest priority -- a GAME), I do it. I do it regularly. I want him to do well.

4. Work. It's not going well. I had my annual review with my boss last week. Apparently she thinks that the sun shines out of my ass, which is lovely, but I am terribly frustrated with the decisions that our leadership is making. It is getting really, really hard to do my job well and I think that it's only going to get worse. My morale is pretty low.

5. Going back to school. It crosses my mind a lot. If there were an area of study that was logical to pursue, I would take the desire more seriously. I met a woman a few weeks ago who has a Master of Science in Health Education and the thought of it intrigued me. My mother groaned about what a useless degree it is when I mentioned it, so I guess that's out.

6. My cousin Danielle. Without getting into the whole story, Danielle is bipolar (I wrote about it a lot in October 2009). She's manic right now. It's an enormous mess. Like her sister had to fly to Europe to bring her home enormous kind of mess. I keep thinking that she's on the cusp of getting better but she isn't interested in help, her parents aren't pushing it and her sister is trying to keep everyone happy in the middle. It's scary. It's awful to watch.   

7. Jobs. More specifically: how far could I commute on a daily basis before I completely lose it?

8. What I'm going to wear to Liz's birthday party on Saturday night. Especially considering that I'm going straight from work and I mostly feel like a hideous beast in anything and everything.

9. Girl Scout cookies. I have Tagalongs in my car. It's a genuine miracle that I can think about anything else.

10. Crying. Sometimes, all I can focus on is crying. How I want to cry. How I shouldn't cry. I just need to get it over with.


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

I love this list! Sending you hugs on the things you need hugs for on this list...and high fiving you on all the fun red nail polish and straight hair! xo

Readyandfading said...

Great list! Some notes: Essie Forever Yummy is another really great V-Day red. Life isn't long enough to work somewhere you hate. You have a good heart and care deeply for Coach, I hope he knows how lucky he is...I mean, you can cook, you can bake, you are athletic, you are intelligent, and your hair does BOTH curly and straight. Bipolar disorder is a hard thing to observe, especially when it is someone you care for. I worked for years with a woman who was diagnosed and not properly medicated and I eventually left my rather cushy position because I her....I was terrified as she was just completely unpredictable and legally my work couldn't fire her. I pray for your cousin's good health. Rock a dress to the party and perhaps do flat boots for work and then heels for the party? Crying is good. Let it out. Then do some yoga!

Kari said...

What about an MPH?
Have you tried using giant hot rollers to "straighten" your hair -- I often do that because I can put them in and do other things while they are doing their magic.

Sending Hugs

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