Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Blue Notice

Lucy's older brother has two boys.

Lucy's younger brother has one boy and a boy on the way.

And, in July, Lucy and Chet will be parents to two boys.

Another boy!

All along, I have been thinking of this new baby as a boy. But, statistically, how could it not be a girl? After all of the boys in the family? A girl is bound to appear at some point, right?

Maybe at some point, but not at this point.

It's a boy.

Another boy!

My wallet is thankful for this. (Oh, the pink plans I had made! Ruffles everywhere!)

Me? I'm just thankful for another baby to snuggle.


littlebrownie said...

Aww! Congrats to Lucy, Chet, Baby A & you! What a lucky kid!

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