Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring will be here soon

I am organizing my summer soccer team this year. While our season doesn't start until June, we have to start filling out paperwork and ordering jerseys and reserving our field in January. Don't tell my team, but I've largely been slacking on my responsibilities. I'll get it all done. Eventually. June just seems so far away.

Yesterday, I finally sent a few emails that I should have sent a month ago. I made a spreadsheet I should have made at the beginning of January. I checked on our jerseys and generally came to the conclusion that, yes, June will come again this year so I best start getting ready for it.

There is one source for the productivity and one source alone: Tim Horton's. 

More specifically: the Roll Up the Rim to Win promotion at Tim Horton's.

Forget Groundhog's Day and that sham Punxsutawney Phil character: Roll Up the Rim to Win is how I know that spring is on the way.

If you don't have Tim Horton's where you live, I am very sorry. You're really missing out on a good cup of coffee. And Roll Up the Rim. And, therefore, the most accurate sign that spring is coming.

May I suggest that you move closer to the Canadian border? Or just make it official and move to Canada. 

As I am still strictly (and stupidly) limiting myself to one cup of coffee per day, and I did not realize that Roll Up the Rim to Win started until after I had my allotted coffee yesterday, I waited until 8:15 this morning to make my Roll Up debut.

I won. On my first try. I never win on my first try.

I'm taking it as a good sign about spring.

And the weeks leading up to spring, too.


Kari said...

Anyone who reads So Midwestern is welcome in Canada -- especially if we can get you to move to Canada :)
Glad you like Timmies -- as a non coffee drinker who has lived close to 2 Timmies -- I am not a fan...not because of the products but because of the crazy traffic issues they create.
We were once in the CDG airport and we had a Timmies cup we were trying to throw away (were catching a connecting flight to Morocco)...we must have been swarmed by every Cdn in the airport all asking "Where did you get the Timmies"...they were not impressed when I said Toronto!

Kari said...

Just saw a preview for this week's This hour has 22 minutes -- apparently there is some skit with Timbits and Timmie's coffee and communion at the Catholic church. It should be available at cbc.ca tomorrow...

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