Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We got hit with a big, heavy, wet snowstorm yesterday.

It started as rain and it turned into snow approximately 30 minutes before I was supposed to leave work.

What should be a 45 minute commute to Mom and Dad's house took me 85 minutes. When I finally got home, I wanted to cry. Instead I ate five Girl Scout cookies and an Amy's Kitchen frozen pizza. Like, the whole thing.

It didn't help my mood.

And then I shoveled. Which also didn't help my mood. Although, despite the snow, it wasn't very cold out and it was dark and it was quiet. Being outside was nice. Shoveling is for the birds. Normal people with driveways own snow blowers; my father's wintertime BFF is his lawn tractor, which he installs a snowplow blade on for snow removal purposes. I don't know how to use the lawn tractor, so that's not an option. Not that I know how to use a snow blower, either.

I guess I was going to be shoveling either way.

I was crabby and I went to bed early. I read and felt pissed off because that's what I wanted to do. I didn't go to bed as early as I should have.

Just before 6:00 am, the phone rang. I grabbed at the phone and wondered who died and it was my mom's school, calling to cancel class. The classes they didn't have because they're on spring break. Mother F.

Just before 7:00 am, my phone rang. It was my work, calling to delay opening until the afternoon.

I wasn't scheduled to work until 12:30 pm. A half hour after the building opened.

I totally missed out on a free half-day off of work. Damnit!

I got up and I fed Ellie and then I ate five Girl Scout cookies while enjoying a cup of coffee and my Twitter feed.

And then I shoveled again. Because I don't know how to use fancy equipment.

I thought I should have a few more Girl Scout cookies when I finished my shoveling duties. But then I remembered how many Girl Scout cookies I had previously enjoyed and I thought better of it. I had ramen noodles instead.

And by then -- 10 Girl Scout cookies, one frozen pizza, one packet of ramen noodles later -- I decided that I wouldn't be in a bad mood any longer. So I took Ellie for a walk. I saw the snow for what it was: beautiful.  

And then I had to go to work and everything sucked all over again.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like we've been having the same days. Nice looking dog!

Readyandfading said...

After I eat yummies, I always realize...meh, I still feel bad. Like for instance the milkshake, chips and gauc, and cereal I had last night for supper because I was in a cruddy wasn't worth it. But....shoveling snow burns tons of calories...right!? Think on the bright side and be safe out there in all of the snow!

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