Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pink or Blue?

I am meeting Lucy for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Immediately following her big gender reveal ultrasound appointment!

I am so excited.

I find it hard to believe that I could possibly any more excited if I was the pregnant one.

I mean, obviously I would be but it's hard to imagine. Being that I am not pregnant and all.

Anyway. So, I am the Queen of Cheese so I decided that I needed to bring a party favor to this big gender reveal breakfast. I made a quick shopping trip on my way to the gym yesterday and picked out a few adorable little onesies.

I'll wrap one in pink paper and one in blue paper and I will give Lucy the appropriate gift for the new little dumpling.

I'll just return the other one. Or possibly just keep it like the weird single woman that I am. Because I happen to think that they're both terribly adorable (Burt's Bees Baby. Who knew that was even a thing?) and who knows when I will need a onesie?

Just kidding.

But they were a really good deal and somebody is always getting knocked up, so if I don't get around to returning the extras it isn't like I won't have the opportunity to gift it to another baby in, like, a matter of weeks.

The dual presents aren't creepy, right?

Tell me if it's creepy.

Not that I really care what anyone else thinks of me and my friendships, but there are moments I am afraid that I'm too close to Lucy and her family. That I am the creepy weird single friend who is around too much because she doesn't have a family of her own to take care of. And that I'm not throwing myself into changing that -- into finding a partner and doing all of those things that I'm supposed to do -- because I am so content with this friendship that's nearly a family.

Oh, who am I kidding?

They're my family.

And they think of me that way, too. Lucy made me a little basket of nail polish and chocolate for Valentine's Day. This week, Chet suggested that they move to Miami and "bring Aly along, too."

Both of which are probably as abnormal as the dueling gender presents.

But not as cute.


doahleigh said...

If it's a girl, she could totally rock the "boy" onesie. The other isn't quite as gender neutral. :)

Accidentally Me said...

I get much more excited for other people being pregnant than I ever was about being pregnant myself!!!

Anonymous said...

First time commenter here! This post is so similar to my life right now. My best friend just had a baby and I feel the same way. Super excited and almost like its my baby haha! Annnd I just saw those Burt's Bees baby clothes at Children's Place when I was shopping for the little bambino - so cute!

Readyandfading said...

So adorable!!! Is it pink or blue????? I am really excited for you all and being an auntie or honorary auntie is the BEST!

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