Saturday, February 09, 2013

Losing It

I have really weird dreams.

Everyone says that, though. Have you ever had a conversation in which someone stated that they have normal dreams? Exactly.

Does that mean I am going to save you all from a dream recap? No, sorry. I know that you have weird dreams, too. Blog about them. I promise I'll read.

On Thursday night, I dreamed about my wedding dress. Not a short dream by any means. It was one of those dreams that lasts the entire night. I slept for seven straight hours. Seven straight hours of dreaming about my wedding dress.

Who does that?

Okay, other than girls who are getting married or are, like, reasonably close to getting married or maybe just aren't single -- who does that?

Me, apparently. Because I dreamed for approximately seven hours about a beautiful, textured, white Swiss dot bridal gown.

I work up on Friday morning and, after I stumbled about the house for a while and let the dog out and kept thinking about the dream and kept thinking about that wedding dress, I pulled out my iPad and actually researched beautiful, textured, white Swiss dot bridal gowns just so that I could get the idea out into the universe and out of my head. 

In my defense: my search lasted maybe 15 minutes. It was not a full-blown attack of the crazy girl. I didn't spend my afternoon making appointments at bridal salons.

Just a minor episode of insanity. 

Oh, and in last night's long, detailed dream I was carrying an infant the entire time.


If you didn't already have enough evidence that seeing The Coach just makes me more insane than usual, there is your proof.


Readyandfading said...

I love dreams and I totally believe in them. They are the window to your soul. You see, I think the dress and baby may not be about a current man, but about a future one. A few months before I met my boyfriend I dreamt about it. Wedding dress, wedding, baby, the whole thing....creeped me out. A few weeks before I met him, I started dreaming about him, but never his face, just the back of him (shoulders, hair, build).....on our first date, when I saw him I almost wet my pants.....he was the guy from the dream...well, from behind! It just may be a sign for you. PS - your wedding dress sounds fabulous.

my life is brilliant said...

Maybe you were holding Lucy's baby. You know those kids will be there to help pick Aunt Aly's dress!

A said...

A sign! I like it! I guess we'll have to wait and see how it all turns out. I would say it's pretty much a 100% guarantee that if/when I need a wedding dress, Lucy's poor children will be dragged along. Unless I'm quite an old bride. (Picturing Baby A at 15 in a bridal salon. hahaha.)

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