Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I need a little calm

On Saturday night, when I should have been editing my cousin/roommate Liz’s MBA application essays or doing something normal and social, I pushed the coffee table out of the way and fired up an on-demand yoga workout and, you guys? I felt so much better when I was done. Could you please help remind me that my life is a lot better with yoga in it? Please?

Because for the last year, I’ve been yoga lazy. I’ve been enjoying running and work wasn’t terribly stressful and my shoulders weren’t tense to the point where I felt like I had been beaten with a tire iron. But now running feels a little harder and work is giving my anxiety and my shoulders definitely feel tense to the point where I feel like I have been beaten with a tire iron.

I need yoga.

I need something to calm me down. I need something to mellow me out.

And I need my shoulders to not hurt all the damn time. Which I apparently cannot trust my sister – the physical therapist – to take care of for me because every time I ask for a little adjustment she gets all huffy and goes on and on about not treating family.

Meg’s a selfish bitch. (I adore her, but this isn't news.) So yoga it is.

It is so easy for me to forget to take care of myself. I get so busy doing things for other people – this weekend it was editing my cousin Liz’s MBA admissions essays and baking/mailing Valentine’s Day cookies to some friends and The Coach – that I don’t give myself one second to breathe or decompress or stretch out my shoulders.

I need to get better at that.

Because work is getting worse. My shoulders are getting tighter. I don’t want to love on my loved ones any less.

And I’m pretty useless to everyone as an anxious ball of stress.


Readyandfading said...


You need you time. Decompress. You deserve it.

I always forgot to treat myself right, too. I love how I feel after pilates or spin class and yet I choose the couch all too often.

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