Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Everything is kind of great (today)

I was lazy this morning and accomplished nothing but keeping a segment of the couch warm with the heat of my backside as I scrolled through my Twitter feed and enjoyed my coffee.
My single cup of coffee. Still on coffee restriction. Still hating myself for it.

And I painted my nails a brilliant bronze.

On Wednesdays, I don’t generally leave for work until noon or so. Usually I get something accomplished. I’ll do a load of laundry or go to the gym or meet Lucy and Baby A for coffee. Today, I was lazy. It was kind of great.

I stopped at CVS on my way to work. Somehow I paid $18 for $52 of product and I didn’t steal anything or do any extreme couponing. It was kind of great.

I’m working in a department other than my usual department. I dislike working here, but I get an hour for lunch instead of my usual 30 minutes and that is kind of great.

Especially on a day when the U.S. men’s soccer team is playing a game at 4:00 pm and I have time to drive home and catch a half-hour of the match while eating a healthy meal of macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup and Nutella hot chocolate. (I was obviously craving comfort foods.) As far as lunch hours go, it was kind of great.

The Taylor Swift sing-along on the drive to and from lunch was kind of great, too.

Anything would have seemed kind of great today, honestly. I’m walking around in a dreamy one-day-after-I-saw-The-Coach-and-I-wasn’t-expecting-to fog. A car accident and a poke in the eye would make me smile.

I’ll come back down to reality soon.


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Love that you're having a great day :)

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