Sunday, February 03, 2013

Betting on the Super Bowl

I've put some cash and my pride on the Super Bowl today.
And by that I mean that me, Meg and my cousin Liz are betting on the halftime show.
We all have a healthy love and appreciation for the diva who is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. We might even have tentative plans for the Saturday night that her HBO documentary airs.  Here are the parameters of this bet, which I came up with this morning as I pounded out 8 miles on the treadmill: each participant submits five songs that he/she thinks that Beyoncé will perform. One song must be designated as her opening song. One song must be designated as her closing song. 5 points are accumulated for every correct song that you pick, with a 10 point bonus if you correctly name the first song or the last song.

There are additional bonuses for choosing the correct number of outfit choices and special musical guests.

Winner gets dinner at our favorite A² pizza joint.
And pride.
And first dibs as being the diva Beyoncé herself in our reenactment in the Single Ladies video.   


Belle Vierge said...

What were your respective bets, and who won overall?

I was SO excited to see the mini Destiny Childs reunion. It made my night.

I may or may not have been screaming with joy...

A said...

Meg: Countdown (first), Single Ladies, Crazy in Love, Jumpin' Jumpin', Survivor (last)

Liz: Single Ladies (first), Crazy in Love, Run the World, Bootylicious, Jumpin' Jumpin' (last)

Me: Irreplaceable (first), Single Ladies, Say My Name, Baby Boy, Crazy in Love (last)

None of us got the first song right. None of us got the last song right. Nobody guessed the correct number of special guests or costume changes. Liz and I tied. Meg owes us dinner.

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