Tuesday, January 08, 2013

This is gross. You've been warned.

The worst part about wintertime is its tendency to deplete all of the moisture from my skin.

Winter skin. Itchy winter skin. My nemesis.

Last winter was terribly mild. I didn't have this problem. I forgot how bad winter skin can get. And how insane it can drive me.

It's bad. I am insane. My skin hates the winter. I am suffering.

It could be worse. My face miraculously doesn't dry out. I will take itchy legs to a chapped face that looks like I got a chemical peel any damn day.

It could be much, much worse. Like if I had to be outside for any duration of my commute. I should probably be thankful for living and working in the suburbs.

(Okay, no. Being thankful for the 'burbs is going too far.)

It was especially cold last week. The really low temperatures, those are the ones that do you in. I could have spent every hour of the day slathering lotion on my legs and 5 minutes outside would have left me in the danger zone.

Instead, I was sick last week and doing nothing to keep the winter's furious winds from sucking me dry because I was too busy trying not to die.

The theme of this week is lotion. Generously applied lotion.

The Body Shop should sponsor this blog. If you really try, I bet you can smell the grapefruit body butter through your monitor. That's how much I am wearing. That's how bad this situation is.

I just wanted you guys to know.

In case you have any miracle solutions to this itchy situation.

Also so that you're properly informed in the event that you never hear from me again because I have overdosed on moisturizers.


Unknown said...

My scalp is so dry and itchy that I'm thisclose to seeing a dermatologist I can't afford. Last night I went as far as doing a shampoo/brown sugar scrub on my scalp, followed my rubbing conditioner/olive oil into it and leaving it overnight. It helped a little, but not totally. =/ It's another reason I should desert the Midwest and return home to the South!

Anonymous said...

I use 100 percent almond oil as a moisturizer and its amazing. I buy it at a natural foods store and apply it in the shower on slightly damp skin. It soaks in pretty fast but keeps the itching at bay. I have excema and the pure moisturizers like an oil or a 100 Shea butter cream will moisturizer better and be more effective than most lotions that contain ingredients like petroleum, mineral oil, para end and preservatives that are antifungals since a lot of moisturizers have water in them.

k said...

I don't know how greasy your hair gets so if this is feasible, but I'd take less showers. I have really dry skin too and showers steal the natural moisture your skin is producing. In the winter I try to only shower every other day and it really helps!

Accidentally Me said...

I use plain old CVS brand lotion (Vaseline intensive care knock-off) on my body, applied just out of the shower, and it works for me. I don't have super, super dry skin, but it gets unmanageable in the winter if I don't do anything...I've never found a more expensive lotion that works any better or worse.

On my fave, I use an oil-free Neutrogena lotion. I am not sure that it's all that different, but I feel like it's maybe a little less greasy on the face.

Heather said...

i saw on pintrest (god help me, I KNOW) the suggestion to shave with baby oil. i've been trying that, and so far, much better than previous winters. (NOTE: your bathtub will get HELLA SLIPPERY. be vigilant about cleaning)

i also chase my shower with a dime-sized amount of that new baby oil gel by J&J on my legs. (the aloe vera one) i like it better than lotion. still not perfect, particularly if i've driven a long way with the car heater on high or am cuddling a space heater between my legs at work, but HUGE improvement over several-times-a-day lotion slathering/irritations.

however, you can bet your ass i'm going to try that almond oil suggestion above.

Kari said...

Next time you are north of the border -- pick up some of the fruits and passion's butters -- I like them better than the body shop ones. If your scalp gets dry -- try cliniderm, it's what the dermos recommend here in winter because it is so cold.

A said...

You guys. Are. Fantastic.

I'm going to go out any buy all of your potions and lotions and use them all. And win some sort of "smoothest skin in the midwest" award. (This exists, right?)

I will definitely report back and let you guys know the status of my itchy situation.

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Ack I'm in the same boat! I'm already so OVER winter can it please be done yet!

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