Sunday, January 06, 2013

Operation: Birthday

Lucy and I spent the second half of last week busy, busy preparing for Baby A's first birthday party.

The fun thing about helping Lucy with whatever project she thinks up is that I generally get to help with the fun, creative stuff and go home while she does the lame, necessary tasks like cleaning and grocery shopping.

We were altogether too enamored with the sugar cookies that we made for favors. The cookies were Lucy's brainchild. I was doubting the feasibility of such complicated decorating, but I was proven quite wrong.

The smash cake was my brainchild. Lucy wasn't so sure. She was proven quite wrong.

I bought Baby A this amazing inflatable Rody because I am a sucker for weird European toys. Rody liked riding around in my car, but he likes living with Baby A even more.

It was a really nice party. My mom came and gave us her seal of approval, which felt a little like Martha Stewart herself complimenting us on our party planning.

I simply cannot fathom how my sweet baby is already one. At the same time, I can't remember what life was like before that Thursday night I rushed over to the hospital after work to wait for that little dude to make his appearance. And to change a lot of lives -- mine most certainly included -- for the better.


Unknown said...

those cookies are awesome!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

How fun and sweet are all those things! I'm loving that Rody toy I'm going to have to look into getting that for some little ones I know!

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