Thursday, January 03, 2013

Not the good kind of sick

The best part about starting this year sick is that, really, 2013 can't go anywhere but up.

It's been a long time since I have been this sick. I'm either exceptionally ill or I'm just out of practice at feeling crappy, because I am a wreck. I am a hazy, sloppy mess. My brain feels a little like someone is standing on the right side of my head. My nose is a faucet yet somehow I can still smell but it's only disgusting smells like the garbage disposal of the sink in the lunchroom that almost made me puke. Everything feels very labor intensive bordering on impossible. And I have no appetite.

Absolutely no appetite.

This is no way to live.

But I will not and cannot continue to feel this awful. May this be my only illness of 2013! Clear skies over frozen lakes and meticulously manicured hockey rinks and healthier days ahead!

(This picture is of Mom and Dad's backyard/lake on New Year's Day. I was too sick to strap on my skates but I wasn't too sick to appreciate the view. What a lucky kid I was, growing up with my very own lake to swim in and to skate on.)


Elliott said...

Jealous of the private rink. We had always build ours to play on. Lots of work, but tons of fun.

Hope you feel better quickly.

A said...

Lots and lots of work! Before we moved to the lake when I was in 5th grade, my dad would spend HOURS every winter building us a rink. I think that's part of the reason we moved: to make his life easier.

Elliott said...

That was us...hours and hours of packing snow down, flooding, putting up lights, boards, and nets. We'd literally freeze our boots to the rink and gloves to the hose flooding the rinks. But what fun for hours on end. I remember going home crying because my feet were so cold...but so many great memories. My first stitches from hockey were from a stick in the lip on the backyard rink.

We can't build one now because our property is on a hill and there is no flat area. We skate on the neighbours pond when it freezes.

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