Monday, January 21, 2013

I have so many feelings today

Energetic about the week ahead.
Inspired by the stack of cookbooks that are sitting on the floor in my bedroom.
Optimistic about Coworker B's suggestion that I come work for him in the future.
Infuriated at Meg's ex-boyfriend for hurting her so.
Fatigued by the mere sight of my to-do list for the upcoming few weeks at work.
Perplexed by The Coach.
Uncertain about my living situation.
Pained by the book that I am attempting to read for work.
Fascinated with the pomp and circumstance of President Obama's second inauguration.
Delighted by the silly text message exchange I had with my cousin Emma this afternoon.
Discouraged by the current state of my bank account.
Fortunate that I have an extra day off this week.
Pleased with the soup I made this morning.
Elated that my hockey team managed to win yesterday.
Indecisive about presents I need to buy and cookies I need to decorate.
Anxious about organizing my summer soccer team.
Uneasy about my future.
Resentful of that damn resolution I made to drink more water.
Preoccupied with what I'm always preoccupied with.
Excited for Friday night's dinner plans with Lucy and Chet and Baby A.
Relieved that The Coach's team recently cleared a big hurdle.
Fearful that my friendship with Ashley is on its last legs.
Determined to get in a few good, long runs this week.
Annoyed that I had to run out on my lunch hour to full up my very empty gas tank.
Intrigued by the first season of The Killing.
Thankful for so, so much.  


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