Sunday, January 13, 2013


If our friendship could be characterized by one thing, our friendship would be characterized by our really big plans.

Lucy and I have big ideas and we turn them into big plans.

When we were in high school and college, our big ideas were multi-city road trips to see the Dave Matthews Band. After college, we planned Thanksgiving dinners with friends and big nights out at the bar with enough pre- and post-bar snacks to feed an army and grand birthday celebrations. Now that Lucy's a mom, we plan afternoons of decorating sugar cookies or making soup or, as we did on Friday, taking Baby A to the art museum.

Our Friday at the art museum was epic Lucy and Alyson.

Lucy wanted to see a special exhibit. We got to the museum a little early. We walked around for a while, looking at the permanent collections. We stopped for a while in Rivera Court, where Baby A enjoyed a bottle and the art.

Our time in the special exhibit wasn't exactly ideal. Baby A wasn't too keen on staying in the stroller; we took turns holding him and that worked out okay. One woman walked up to me while I was holding Baby A and breathlessly exclaimed "it is just WONDERFUL that you brought him here." It was easier to smile and thank her than to explain that his mom was the redhead in the corner checking out the Loving Cup.

Having been at the museum for a few hours once we made it through the special exhibit, we decided to head back to the car. It was our good fortune to stumble upon a puppet show being held in the lobby. We plopped Baby A on the floor with us and that child was mesmerized. It was perfect.

He was asleep the second he was in his car seat.

Feeling brave, we went out for sushi. Baby A slept the entire time.

And, with the baby still sleeping, Lucy got this idea in her head that we should go to a bakery for baklava. We were in an area with a huge Arab population and, therefore, the best baklava. It was a 45 minute ordeal, finding the best bakery with the best baklava. That's the part of the trip that was so vintage Lucy and Alyson. Getting an idea in our head. Refusing to relent until we've succeeded.

Friday was the perfect snapshot of our friendship. Making a big idea a reality. Squeezing in a little too much. Slightly spontaneous. And a little random.

Are Lucy and I strange in our predictability or do you guys have an ongoing thing with your close friends, too? I would be curious to know if we're the rule or the (very odd) exception.


Kari said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

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