Friday, January 18, 2013

A Quiet Week in Review

Third week in January, I don’t hate you.

This week has been entirely unremarkable in a very acceptable way. It’s just happening. No high highs. No low lows. I don’t mind a week like this every once and a while.

It’s been a very cold week but it has also been a relatively sunny week. In Michigan, we get very little sunshine during the wintertime. My cheerful demeanor can be attributed to the sun. I forget that it matters until it comes back and I’m legitimately giddy.

Maybe I should get a sun lamp.

Maybe I should tell you guys about all of the things that happened during this quiet, adequate week.

Sunday: my hockey team actually won a game, which is an embarrassingly uncommon event this season.

Monday: I watched the first episode of the newest season of Girls in my pajamas while drinking coffee. I highly recommend starting your week in this fashion. (In the summertime, I started most weeks watching The Newsroom. HBO, let’s be best friends.)

Tuesday: I hit the treadmill for the first run in a long, long time where I did not feel as though I was being slowly tortured to death.

Wednesday: I met Lucy and Baby A for coffee and bagels. They are my favorite.

Thursday: I made chocolate biscotti. I watched The Coach do his job via webcam. MY FAVORITE COWORKER, B, QUIT AND THUS BROKE MY HEART (I am very happy for him and very sad for me). I painted my nails, which I have been doing a lot lately because it brings me substantial joy.

Friday: I was going to go to dinner with Lucy, but she’s feeling a little crappy, so we’re postponing until tomorrow. Instead, I will go to Trader Joe’s and I will also watch many episodes of Catfish with Liz and maybe eat more chocolate biscotti.

Additionally, there will be sweatpants.

Because I know how to do things right.


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