Wednesday, December 05, 2012

What I'm currently loving on

My coworker, B: I have always really liked B, but lately he’s catapulted right up to the top of my list. B and I are eerily similar, so part of the reason I love him is because he thinks exactly the same way I do so I can count on him to agree on me in almost every circumstance and also be funny while he’s reaffirming my brilliance. B was a fantastic sounding board when I was mulling over that job offer; I still think about what he told me that day – “you can do better” – and smile. Management recently got the idea that we need to work in different departments and different locations, so today, I worked in another building while a staff person from that building (a known flake and general pain in the ass) worked in my place. B emailed me halfway through the day: in no universe is this a fair trade – not that one is even attempted/suggested. just sayin. He is just a dependable, honest, good guy. And he looks out for me.

Taylor Swift’s "I Knew You Were Trouble": This is my jam. It is so gloriously poppy and catchy. Is it about Taylor Swift and John Mayer? Or is it about me and The Coach? It is so spot on applicable to what I went through with The Coach that I am pretty sure that she is a blog reader. (HEY, TSWIFT!)

Ellie Goulding’s "Anything Could Happen": More catchy pop. It’s like white bread for the ears. I can’t stop myself. I first heard it when a little giddy because a streak of shitty days was finally over. And then when I saw that it was used in the Girls season 2 trailer, I was totally done. Want to invite me to a dance party? Turn it up.

Tights: I love tights because tights allow me to wear skirts in the wintertime without freezing my ass off. And tights are more comfortable than pants. And tights come in fun, subtle prints. And if I am wearing tights, I can wear a skirt that is too short and not feel like a harlot. (Fact: I’m consistently a little overdressed at work, compared to my coworkers, so wearing a skirt – let alone a short one – sometimes feels like a ploy for attention. Even though it isn’t. I just like to look nice. I wore heels on Sunday and one of the department heads labeled them my “hussy shoes.”)

Essie polish in Chinchilly: I’ve been loving on this color lately. It’s subtle, it’s fun, it’s just different enough. I get compliments on it all the time. Except when it’s all chipped up and looks like hell. Which does happen on occasion. That occasion being every time I paint my nails. The energy to paint my nails in the first place rarely translates over to energy/desire to keep up my nails.

Coffee: I usually try to limit my coffee consumption, but lately I’ve just gone all out and I’m drinking it when I want to drink it. And it tastes so good. I’m sticking to black coffee, or maybe with a touch of skim milk, so that I’m not completely filling my body with crap. But my stomach hates coffee in mass quantities. It’s only a matter of time until I have a cup that leaves me doubled over and convinced that I have an ulcer. But, until that happens, I’m going to love it. Every cup. Every drop.

Sirius XM station 36: The best thing I ever did was wean myself off of Cosmo Radio (guilty pleasure, loved it but it totally made me an annoying, insane, insecure girl who only obsessed over a certain boy-who-will-not-be-named) and start listening to music on Sirius. My current favorite is 36, the alternative station. I would never have labeled the music that I liked as alternative but, lo and behold, I love 95% of what they play. Which makes me feel edgier and cooler than I really am.

Your turn, you guys. There’s nothing that gets me quite like recommendations from the interwebs. Turn me on to something new. What are you loving?


Mummy Dearest said...

If you ever go dark, try Essie's Bobbing for Baubles. It's the perfect navy polish and I'm obsessed!!

Michiganmomma said...

Who is this co-worker? Is he single?

A said...

I've been thinking about navy polish -- I've added tons and tons of navy to my wardrobe lately. Wheee! Perfect.

Michiganmomma: Nope - he isn't single. Wife and the cutest little girl who just turned two.

Big Beauty Judy said...

Three things: 1)the fact that you listened to cosmo radio on sirrius makes me love you! 2) Chinchilly is a LOVELY color! Lastly, I agree, tights are the best.

Big Beauty Judy said...

Also....OPI Russian Navy is a great color, navy with a little bit of a purple undertone...

Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

things making me happy:
christmas plans that let me see all my friends that i can't not be grateful for, because they're amazing people.
the 'pitch perfect' soundtrack.
trey songz "2 things" and "bottoms up."
seriously considering running the Tour de Patrick this march. i have no business thinking this, but yet here i am. three 5ks in 8 days sounds like the best way to ring in age 33 that i think i've ever heard.
the fitocracy app (points! POINTS FOR EXERCISE! and i can level up! GUYS I UNDERSTAND VIDEO GAMES NOW) and a challenge with a boy to log food and exercise on MyFitnessPal because there's maybe a competition to see who will lose 30lbs before PAXEast in march.
conversations with that same boy that have me stupid hopeful that maybe he's going to finally make that next step because despite dating around, no other boys are measuring up.

and yeah, i know how that makes me sound, i know after almost a full calendar year of looking wistfully up that tree that continuing to do so is reallllllly stupid, but he's so warm and funny and passionate about so many things i don't understand and so quirky and i can't figure out why i am so fascinated with him, and i can't walk away or abandon this hope. so! i am not.

but, did i mention that the pitch perfect soundtrack is making ridiculously stupid happy? because it is. best in-morning-commuting-traffic impulse decision yet. certainly better than flipping off the people who cut me off with no turn signals...

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