Monday, December 10, 2012

Today could have been very different

If I had made another choice, today would have been very different.

I wouldn't have spent the day in yoga pants. My alarm clock would have been set much earlier than 8:00 am. I wouldn't have spent four hours in Lucy's kitchen, chatting and baking three batches of cookies. Today would have been very different if I had made another choice.

Today was the day I was supposed to start that new job. If I had taken that new job.

I wouldn't have slept last night. And I wouldn't have let myself stay up to watch the Lions game, either. I would have spent far too much time picking out an outfit. If today was my first day at a new job, my nails would be polished.

Instead I sipped a latte and made Rolo cookies. Tickled Baby A. Stopped in to have my hairdresser fix the random chunk of dark hair that came out of my last appointment. I crashed on the couch, fully intending to take a nap and never quite getting there. I went to the gym. I did laundry.

I didn't spend the day filling out paperwork and learning procedures and being paraded around to my new coworkers.

I didn't get a new desk and a new title.

I wore yoga pants and I didn't bother with any makeup. Because I made a choice. That choice was to go with my gut.

I didn't take the job that I would have started today.

That's because there's a better job out there for me.


Sarah said...

Always. *hugs*

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