Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Duplicate Gift

My dad's family has this thing for chips and dip.

Just regular ol' potato chips and a sour cream based dip. Put them out at a family gathering and we're all instantly drawn to it. Regardless of what other delicacies may be offered up, we're all huddled around the chips and dip, throwing elbows to get the last handful.

It's classy.

When my original Christmas exchange gift fell through, I decided to find a chip/dip bowl set and wrap it up with a couple of bags of potato chips and some French onion soup mix for easy dip creation. I was proud of myself for being clever. Who in the family would not be thrilled to get two bags of chips, let alone the soup mix and the bowl set, too? It was the ultimate generic gift for my dad's side of the family.

On Christmas day, I was scoping out the other exchange gifts when I spotted two gifts that looked like two puffy, wrapped pillows. Or two bags of chips. And there was a third gift - a box - that went with them.

That's when I knew that I was not the only member of my family with The Best Idea.

But there was no turning back. (Because OpenSky didn't ship my first present, as you may recall.) (Still bitter!)

My gift was opened first and, when it was, my cousin/roommate Liz sends me a look across the room.

This is what her look said: yep, me too.

We never discussed our gifts. We hadn't recently had a conversation about chips and dip. Until the night before when we feasted together on our favorite delicacy, we hadn't shared a bowl of chips and dip since the summertime.

And yet we bought the exact same present.

Is this what happens when you live with someone else? Your good ideas are transferred to your roommate through bedroom walls or perhaps via a shared carton of milk? 

I was totally prepared for our periods to sync up. I was not prepared to subconsciously share my thoughts.


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