Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Other Important Topics

I did not work from 1:30 pm on Friday through 12:30 pm today. I really like not working. I am really good at not working. I got things done. I took showers every day. (I think.) I helped Lucy bake 10 dozen cookies. I bought Christmas presents. I painted my nails. I ran.

And I felt like there were not enough hours in the day. Just like I feel on the days when I do go to work.

Based on this experiment, I can now draw the conclusion that, yes, there really are too few hours in every day.

It's good to have a definitive answer to that question. It's opened up my intellectual real estate to think about other important topics, including:

Right to Work legislation in Michigan: I have a lot of thoughts on this topic. I don't think I will write about Right to Work, however. There's a reason I don't blog about politics. It's because my political beliefs seem so personal.

My 30 for 30 Project: I did not finish this and I am ashamed but I am going to finish it and I will feel joy. And you will all be so proud of me.

Boys: including, but not limited to, The Coach. He's coming home for Christmas and I sort of hope he never suggests we get together.*

Coffee: I have been drinking too much coffee lately and my stomach just got the memo and it is very mad at me. I knew that this was coming. But I am still so sad. Coffee is basically the liquid equivalent of The Coach in my life. So bad. So good. Damnit!

I Always Have To Do Everything and It Is Exhausting: My cousins, my sister and I decide we want to change up Christmas a little bit and not have our aunts and uncles buy us presents because we're old and that's silly. Who has to come up with an alternative? Me. Who needs to contact everyone about the alternative? Me. Who has to double-check that everyone is cool with the alternative? Me. Who needs to make all of the arrangements for our alternative? Me. I used to thrive on being the ringleader for everything. But seriously? Someone else needs to do something. I am exhausted.

EMMA IS GOING TO NEW YORK FOR CHRISTMAS: I'm sorry for being thrilled about this because I should want the whole family to be together for Christmas, but I am thrilled about this. 

My Father Has No Hobbies and Doesn't Like Anything: Makes shopping for him a slight challenge.

*Like, in any way. Not just the naked way. 


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