Sunday, December 09, 2012

Is there something in the air?

It feels like everyone has the sads, the angrys or the frustrateds. Like everyone is a little anxious and a little bit on edge.

Maybe I'm just projecting.

I am most certainly sad, angry, frustrated, anxious and on edge. I am also drinking far too much coffee and I do not think that is is helping.

But maybe everyone else is feeling the same way, too. I swear that I wasn't the only one exhaling anxiety at Macy's today. Is this just what the holiday season feels like for adults? Like you're in a chokehold?

I took the next two days off of work. The timing is great. I need the next two days. I have a few things that I should get done - just errands - but nothing absolutely critical. I might just bake cookies with Lucy tomorrow morning and blow the rest of the day off. I might not get dressed on Tuesday. Maybe I'll accomplish a touch of online shopping. I don't think I can handle the mall.

It seems silly to feel wound so tightly. I had a good weekend. I only worked a half day on Friday. Saturday was Christmas tree chopping and Hanukkah. All I did today was watch a healthy amount of soccer on television, scan pictures for my Grandma's Christmas present, make a quick trip to the mall with Meg, eat cheese and chocolate fondue for dinner and lose another hockey game with my lethargic team. (I swear that list makes the day seem more busy than it was.)

I don't feel like I need more sleep. I don't feel like I'm too busy. It just feels like my heart is beating hard and like I'm breathing through a straw. And that it isn't going to get any better until January.


Big Beauty Judy said...

I know exactly what you mean. There's something about this time of year can easily just send me over the edge into a spiral of panic for no reason. It'll get better. :)

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