Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Crisis Averted: compliments of the cloud

I had a bit of technology trauma monopolize my evening. Charming. I always love when my computer bites it or my phone isn't working or whatnot. I am immediately, instantly in a state of anxiety and distress that will not lift until I have reconciled the problem.

Tonight was no different.

I accidentally deleted all of my text messages to/from The Coach.

I was deleting text messages while thinking about how awful I would feel if I deleted all of my text messages from him and I DELETED ALL OF MY TEXT MESSAGES FROM HIM.

My trip to the gym was immediately aborted as I attempted to figure out how to restore the texts.

And so I spent my evening - when I should have been running and I should have been packing my lunch tomorrow and I should have been making progress in the book I need to have read by Thursday morning - in a state of panic.

When I think with my brain, I know that it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because they're just a bunch of text messages.

When I think with my heart, those text messages are everything.

That thread of text messages dates back to February, 2011. Before he'd ever even kissed me. Before this ever got complicated. Before he moved. Before I fell. When it was nothing but flirting. When it was still just fun.

I couldn't let them go.

Not without a fight.

Fortunately, I had my phone set up to regularly backup to the cloud. Mercifully, my phone backed up this morning. It was only a matter of making sure everything on my phone was saved 10 times over, being brave enough to reset my computer back to zero and setting it back up using the magical backup file saved to the equally magical cloud that's floating out there in the virtual heavens.

Three hours of terror and only one glass of wine.

I learned two things tonight. I learned how to wipe my phone clean and restore it (and the deleted text messages!) from a backup on the cloud.

I also learned that maybe I still care about The Coach a little more than I want to admit.


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