Monday, December 31, 2012

Brain Dump: NYE Edition

I will take a bit of time to reflect in 2012. Just not right now. Right now I should be getting ready to leave to go to Lucy and Chet's house to ring 2013.

But I can't resist sitting down with my laptop for a few minutes and dumping out my head.

* * *

Here's how my day has gone so far: I went to Mom and Dad's and ate pancakes. I went with my mom, my grandma and Emma to see Silver Linings Playbook and it was excellent. I got a massage. I cooked for Lucy and Chet's party while having a dance party in the kitchen. I successfully unclogged the garbage disposal.

After I blog, I'll make a quick attempt at being presentable. Then it is off to Lucy and Chet's house, where we have big plans. And by big plans, I mean we've made nine different types of dips (seriously) and have a TV series to start and some sugar cookies to decorate. Also possibly another super-secret project that I will write about at another time.

* * *

The Coach is gone.

It is easier, all of this. The here and gone and here and gone. I think it is easier on him, too. He's usually pretty weird and annoying about saying goodbye, doing everything in his power to avoid it.

I got the goodbye that I didn't get in July. I appreciate it. I returned the favor by not crying, whining or being otherwise difficult or annoying.

Everyone wins.

* * *

Liz is gone for the next week. Where is Liz? Oh, she just went to Paris for New Year's Eve.

Yeah, I know.

* * *

I should feel weirder about spending New Year's Eve with my best friend and her husband (who happens to be one of my best friends, too),  shouldn't I? Oh well.

* * *

If you're watching college football tomorrow, I highly suggest you root for my Wolverines. Start your year off being awesome.

* * *

Oh! Get this. Hockey team dinner on Friday night and who shows up? ALEXANDER. Who sits right next to me? ALEXANDER. Who didn't care? ME. It was half awkward and half amusing and my hair looked really great so whatever. I'm not certain that I was ever interested in anything but the attention but even the attention isn't exciting anymore.


Next cute boy who wants to distract me from The Coach, step right up.

* * *

Happy New Year, everyone. Let's talk resolutions and what you did tonight soon, okay? I want to hear about everything you're up to and everything you have planned.

* * *

2013. Bring it.


k said...

I'm spending NYE with my Grandma, watching Matlock :) I asked her to go out to dinner with me, but she said no - ouch! Ha ha! Happy 2013 to you!

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