Monday, December 17, 2012

Better when I'm busy

I baked up 60 Rolo cookies before work this morning. I started on a double batch of macaroni and cheese, too. I always do better when I'm busy.

I did a load of laundry and I lugged my hockey bag in from my car. I made my bed and I listened to NPR. I do love NPR.

I had one cup of coffee even though I wanted three or four. I had a bowl of soup because soup is warm and I was cold and oatmeal didn't sound appealing. I had planned to fix a chip in my nail polish but I never got around to it.

I took a shower and I did my hair. I used a new curling iron. My old curling iron fried on Friday morning. And fried off a chunk of hair with it. Hair curling this morning was much less traumatic.

I kept busy. I always do better when I'm busy.

Work is hectic. My wrist is either sore or numb, I cannot quite tell. I wish that I could fix that chip in my nail polish at my desk. I brought soup for lunch, too. Turkey noodle. My mom made it.

I wish that I were a little more busy. Busy in a demanding way that encompasses my workday. It's quiet here now and I can't throw myself into a project that will occupy my every thought and now I am thinking, thinking, thinking.

I don't do good when I am stuck in my own head.

I always do better when I'm busy.


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