Sunday, December 16, 2012

All in one day

I saw The Coach on Friday.

I spent a spontaneous afternoon with The Coach on Friday and it was, honestly, it was wonderful. He and I: we're all sorts of dysfunctional -- I know -- and it doesn't make sense that he's still a part of my life -- I know -- but there is something there that I can't describe and I can't articulate.

If Friday had been a normal day, I would have written out every detail. Every sweet thing he said. Each time we laughed. I would have written it so that maybe you could start to understand what I cannot describe.

But Friday wasn't a normal day. As content as I was in my own little world, the world beyond the stretch of my arms was horrific. Beyond horrific. There needs to be a word that is reserved for only the truly worst. A word that we can pull out on a day like Friday but only on a day like Friday. We can't use it to describe a hard test or a frustrating day or a bad game. Only on a day like Friday.

(And may we never again have a need to use that special word that describes a day like Friday.)

What a horrible, ugly, exquisite, beautiful world we all live in. What a contradiction it all is.

I had the best day on Friday.

I had the worst day on Friday.


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