Sunday, November 04, 2012

When? What? Why?

Detroit to Chicago means Eastern Standard Time to Central Standard Time.

November 4 marks the end of daylight saving time.

A 7:00 am 15k in Chicago means a 5:45 am alarm that feels like a 7:45 am alarm.

A 6:30 pm hockey game in Detroit means a 12:30 pm departure from Chicago.

Driving far more than my fair share home means a little bit too much coffee.

A day that consists of one legitimate meal (a sandwich and salad at the birthday party), chocolate fondue and hot chocolate (at the run), half of a bagel with cream cheese (in the hotel lobby after the run) cheese popcorn (from a gas station) and 6 saltines smeared in peanut butter (on the way to hockey) means a stomach ache.

The sum of the many parts of this weekend means I am exhausted, unable to identify what city I am in and have absolutely no idea what time it is. I'm not sure I could tell you my name.


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