Thursday, November 22, 2012

Update to Question 6

I was full of questions in this post.

Here's one of the answers. To question #6. Devil Emma? Angel Emma?

She was awful.

Came over to make pies on Wednesday night. Lasted all of 8 minutes into actual pie making. The anxiety was pouring out of her. I want to make my pie right now. There's no room at the counter to make my pie. My pie crust isn't working. I don't want help with my pie. ALL YOU DO IS YELL AT ME.

Leave the room in a huff.

I don't exactly know what happened when my mom and my grandma went to talk to her. I know she said mean things. About how she'll never be me and Meg. Particularly venomous when reminding my mom that "you are not my mother."


My uncle called this morning. He and Emma wouldn't be at Thanksgiving dinner.

My mom cried.

She sent me a text message a few minutes later. "I wish that you and Meg could think about treating me better."

That hurt. All I have done -- all I have ever done -- is try to make Emma's life easier and better. All I have done is tried to include her. All I have done is regularly dropped my plans to spend time with her when she comes to visit. All I have done is tried to make her feel loved.

And she thinks that I treat her poorly.

It hurt.

I know that the reason that she says that is because she isn't taking her medications.
I know that the reason that she was to mean so my mom is because she isn't taking her medications.

But I'm human, too. I'm not a robot. I can't deal with Emma in an emotionless vacuum. My head knows that I shouldn't take offense. But it still hurts.

Her behavior ruined the holiday. My mom is so, so sad and hurt. My grandma, too.

I hate her.

I don't know what to do.


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