Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Liz and Fluff Show: cancelled

Over the weekend, Liz and Fluff officially broke up.

I am sad for Liz because these things are sad. I am happy for Liz because I genuinely believe that she is dodging a bullet.

I am concerned for Liz because she doesn’t do single very well. On Friday night, she said to me “I need a hobby.” I wholeheartedly agree. Read a book, girl. Get started on that MBA. Learn to knit. Take the dog to obedience school. Do something.

Do anything.

But do something.

Before this breakup came along, I thought that Liz had more close friends than she actually does. Denise – who she considers to be her best friend – has been absent throughout this breakup. (What’s complicated, you see, is that Fluff’s best friend is Denise’s husband.) Liz’s other best friend lives in California.

She clearly needs some people in her corner. I have tried to be as supportive as possible – we’ve spent more time sitting together on the couch (talking, watching reality television) in the last two weeks than we did in the last 9 months – but I still have my life. I still have my soccer games. I still have plans to go shopping with my mom. And, honestly? From the time that Liz and Fluff got together, she didn’t have time for me. I’m sorry, but, I can’t just turn that quickly. I’m not saying that to be mean. I’m not mad at her. It’s just the truth.

I’m just finding it harder to throw myself into our friendship (we’re cousins, of course, but we’re certainly also very good friends) knowing that this will happen again. We might see movies and go to dinner and make trips to Target together now. But that will end when she gets a new boyfriend.

It didn’t hurt me, when I (along with her other friends) was put on the back burner when Fluff came into the picture. I understood then. I understand now.

But it does make me hesitant. Less willing to really invest the time.

Until she says things like “I googled ‘how to get over a breakup’ today.”

And then I’m making dinner plans for the weekend and flopping down by her on the couch, even though I’d rather be reading.


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