Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Biggest Nerd

Okay, so yesterday was my attempt at an unbiased series of dorky photos. Like, look at me, I smile at this Romney bumper sticker. Oh, but also look at me frowning at this Romney bumper sticker. HOW EVER WILL I VOTE?

Except maybe that wasn't clear and I promise to spend the next four years perfecting my mean/angry/scowl face. I won't screw it up in 2016.

I don't know why I bothered with the neutrality. I suspect that anyone who has read more than three or four posts here can guess how I voted.

Which is cool.

I'm not trying to force my political beliefs on anyone else. But I’m proud of what I believe in, too. And I totally write about way, way more intimate and embarrassing details of my life on a regular basis. So, here’s the thing: I voted for Obama.

And now I will share humiliating election night photos to illustrate, in detail, my extreme nerd behavior and the extreme nerd behavior of my very best friend.

Lucy hadn't put away her face paint from Halloween, which is how we both ended up with a big blue O on our cheeks.

I bought us special election night cupcakes from the local bakery. Lucy and I generally don't even care for their cupcakes, but I couldn't resist. They ended up being excellent props. And maybe the alcohol helped dull our taste buds or something because, when we got around to eating them, they actually tasted pretty good.

On the subject of food: Chet picked up sushi. Probably enough sushi for 6 adults. We are disgusting and we ate it all.

Lucy made tiramisu. We each had a healthy serving.

In addition to the championship levels of food consumption, we were playing an election return drinking game, because we're classy ladies. We drank at the mention of Ohio (as well as a few others: enthusiasm, ground game, youth vote, voter ID, etc.). We drank a lot. We pre-mixed a pitcher of shots that ended up being sort of a strong margarita. No straight liquor, thankyouverymuch. Okay, one straight shot.

Our shot choice kept us from getting bombed. Unfortunately, it didn't keep us from dancing in the living room at multiple points in the evening. (Chet was horrified.)

But the shots were quite sweet.

And the sweet to salty ratio was just way, way off. Which resulted in us eating pickles. Pickles that Chet salted. And chips.

Before doing more shots.

And, finally -- when the election was called -- cupcakes.

There's really nothing that I can write here that will convince any of you to retain the smallest belief that I am anything but the biggest nerd.

The biggest nerd who will eat anything in any combination. 


Kari said...

Glad you enjoyed election day! I wish there was more of the excitement of elections in the developed world that the developing world has (well maybe I can do without the violence, but I would like to see some of the passion).
Everyone living in a democracy should celebrate have done us all proud!

Anonymous said...

Ah, you had me convinced you were a Romney supporter

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